Monday – General

4:30pm – 6:00pm 

7:30pm – 9:00pm


Tuesday – Courses 

To be advised.  

Saturday – General

9:00am – 10:30am 

Class Information

General Class

A more challenging class, adapting posture where necessary to accommodate specific needs. Using props where necessary. As well as including a restorative practice on occasions. We begin the session with body breath awareness, then warm ups and more challenging postures, cool down, Yoga Nidra (relaxation meditation) Pranayama. Meditation. 

Seniors Class

It’s a gentle class where we focus on building strength, confidence and resilience.
Uses props and adapting poses to assist those you have over the years lost strength and flexibility. It’s a light hearted, fun class where students are very supportive of each other.


Restorative Yoga is very beneficial, it brings deep relaxation calming the nervous system as well as energising. We also Incorporate breathing techniques into the practice. A restorative practice is a very nurturing and healing process. Using props allows one to stay in a posture for longer periods without any strain.

Private or Semi Private Class

At times its beneficial to book in for a private session which enables me to give you more specific attention and personalise a practice specifically for your needs.
It is a recommendation that students book in for a private session occasionally to personalise their practice.

Pricing Information

Regular Attendance

Fees are paid on a Monthly bases. They may vary depending on the amount of weeks in a month.


Causal Attendance

Fees paid on arrival.


Private/Semi-Private Session

For a private 1 hour session.